"Hotel Akti Leptokarias"
Paraskevi Mousrdaka
Leptokaria, Pieria

Tel.: 23520.33.202
Mob.: 6986.614.141

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Akti Leptokarias in Paxos islandAkti Leptokarias
Hotel"Akti Leptokarias" was built in 2004 in order to offer its customers a beautiful, clean and comfortable environment for their holidays.

The hotel is located in the center of the beach of Leptokaria in Pieria, very near to the sea and central market. The visitors can easily find a large variety of shops and stores that offer food and drink facilitating customers to enjoy their holidays at beautiful Leptyokarya.

The famous beach of Leptokaria has been awarded by the Ministry of Tourism and is the symbol of the natural beauty of the region. The traditional shops and restaurants of the city are also famous for the services offered.
"Akti Leptokarias" possesses:
Parking Television Air-conditioning Garden Kitchen Bathroom Refrigerator View

Hotel"Akti Leptokarias" is open from May to October in order to offer its services.

Wonderfull Leptokaria in Pieria
Leptokaria is a coastal town in the prefecture of Pieria located 26 km from Katerini. The name came from hazelnuts that existed in the region and return to Greek Turkish word Fidyk (fountoukochori). Pignuts offers natural beauty, long beach, crystal clear waters and a history that goes back to centuries, the ancient Leibithra.
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