"Hotel Akti Leptokarias"
Paraskevi Mousrdaka
Leptokaria, Pieria

Tel.: 23520.33.202
Mob.: 6986.614.141

Please check the map for the route you will follow and interesting places in the region
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Akti LeptokariasRooms of Akti Leptokarias

Hotel "Akti Leptokarias" provides a comfortable accommodation with all the necessary amenities for a memorable stay.

You can relax and enjoy the beauty, the amazing view and the nature that surrounds the entire area, from the balconies of our rooms.

It must be noted that there is air conditioning, kitchen, fridge, TV, bathroom in all of our rooms, as well as a lovely garden outside.

• Air-conditioning
• Television
• Kitchen
• Refrigerator
• Bathroom
• Wi-Fi
• Garden
• Amazing view

"Akti Leptokarias" possesses:
Parking Television Air-conditioning Garden Kitchen Bathroom Refrigerator View

"Akti Leptokarias" is open from May to October in order to offer its services.

Wonderfull Leptokaria in Pieria
The region is famous for its cultural activities. Among the most important events and traditions in the town is the Feast of the Cedars which revived the dismemberment of Orpheus by the Maenads, the Sunday of Carnival. Of particular interest are the monuments Leptokaryas among which are the Byzantine churches, the monastery of Panagia Kanaliotissas, the cave (antrum) which according to tradition was born Orpheus, the city of the Muses, etc.
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